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July 16, 2006

Today marks the 5th day of the war on Lebanon. Ever since it started I have been stuck to the TV staying updated on what is happening back home. I have never been a news fan, but this is different. Watching the images broadcasted on the news, all I feel is depression and sadness for what is happening to my country and my people. I look at the images and I see the same roads I used to cruise on and was so proud and in love with destroyed and turned into rubble. I used to drive on those roads and enjoy having the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, amazing sights. Now.... let the photage do the talking. This whole war on Lebanon is so pathetic, I relate it to two bullies who wanna prove who has a bigger $&*# and wanna do it on Lebanese soil, and in the process kill and injure innocent civilians. Lebanon got out of a civil war not too long ago and it is not, and will never be, ready for another war; we never asked for this. To paralyze Hezbollah, Israel is paralyzing all of Lebanon and the Lebanese people are paying the price, those in Lebanon and outside. And where the hell are all those other arab countries that kept praising Lebanon during the many past years. Now when it is time to express that alliance, nobody wants to get involved. The only country that actually did something was Kuwait, sending supplies. Otherwise, everyone else is just conducting meetings and feeding the listeners with more BS. And looking at our Lebanese political figures, I see only two people trying to do something about this: Seniora and Harriri; our "prestigous" president is at home doing absolutely nothing, still wearing a different tie everyday. We need a solution ASAP and we sure as hell cant depend on our authority figures; what can we do? I pray we get out this slump and all those interfering with our country's development just leave us the hell alone, we have had enough and it is our turn to rebuild. Long Live Lebanon!!

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posted by Fonzy @ 7/16/2006 09:57:00 AM  
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