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July 17, 2006
My mom was visiting my brother who is residing in Michigan in the United States and was there for two months. She planned on returning to Lebanon last week via France. When she boarded the plane out of the U.S. on her way back to Beirut, the only thing that had happened was the kidnapping of the two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah. While she was on the plane, the Israelis attacked the Lebanese airport resulting in the closing of the airport and all flights re-directed to Cyprus. My mom was unaware of this until she landed at Paris. She was stuck. She tried to get on a flight to Syria but there were no seats available. She also tried to get a seat to Kuwait, but again all places were booked, not to mention they were charging over 3000 dollars per seat!!!! On top of all this, French authorities awarded her a visa for only 24 hours during which she would have to find a way out of France. Luckily, we have family living in France, who immediately rushed to the airport and took my mom back to their place. Moreover, her luggage, which was directed to Beirut, got lost and still have not been recovered. Next day, they headed to the airport and after some tiring negotiations, the visa was extended indefinitely, as long as there is a war on lebanon, which was a very compassionate move by the French authorities. Knowing the right people, that same day my mom was on a flight to Hamah, Syria. She landed there and took a cab, whom my cousins in Syria had waiting at the airport, to Homs, where my mom is originally from. She wanted to go to Lebanon, but that was impossible since the roads in were all destroyed. She is now in Syria, confused and without her luggage. It was a very tormenting trip but thankfully, she is safe now. My mom's journey of suffering was very hard on her, but that is just a small example of what the Lebanese people are going through; I mean it was impossible for her to get back to Lebanon, imagine how it must be for those trying to get out. God help us all.


posted by Fonzy @ 7/17/2006 09:09:00 AM  
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