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A Friend in Beirut
July 19, 2006
A friend of mine, Rayane, is stuck in Beirut with her family and trying her best to survive and help those that need help. She sent an email to all her friends. She had the following to say:

"Dear friends,

Let me start by saying that my family and I are safe and well, and lucky to be in Ras Beirut with power generators and everything we might need. And thanx to those who called me for support.

One of you asked me what's the word on the street. I don't have an answer to that because no one is on the streets... I've never seen Lebanese people this afraid before... Many have left to their villages and mountain houses, and everyone is staying home, so people are not mingling, at least not me or people in my situation (no neighbourhood life or extended family or shelters...)

Anger against is Israel and its absolute insanity, and the passivity and insanity of the international community is a given. I can tell you that lots of people are also angry with Hizballah (from what I hear on the news) for carrying out their mission without consulting or warning the government and doing it in this specific context when the consequences, which are completely out of proportion and completely FUCKED UP (for lack of a better word), could have been expected.

At the same time there is support for the resistance and I'm sure many were very happy to see the army ship hit yesterday (as I was), despite the expected consequences. They've paralyzed the country it's going to take years to repair the physical damage alone.

Personally Nasrallah's speech yesterday angered me a lot, he claims this war is for the Lebanese people and thanks those from all regions who "presented" victims, as if they chose it, and then he says that Israel is attacking Mohamad and Ali's children. If the war is for the Lebanese then why is this about Mohamad and Ali's children? Is Lebanon a Shiaa state? Not to mention that the Lebanese existed before Islam and Christianity and even Judaism. And if this is for the Lebanese, why did they carry out their plans independently of those who represent the Lebanese people? And if this is about the Shiaa, then why get the entire Lebanese population involved?

This is the word in the streets of Rayane's head, which is bursting with anger and sadness and frustration and boredom. I wish I could be of some use, but I can't think of anything useful to do at this point, especially that my father needs me near him. My plan is to be productive somehow, even if on a personal level, and wait for things to calm down (hopefully sooner than later, I'm hopeful) so that I can offer my services where they might be needed.

I hope you're all doing very well, I have some friends who are trying to organize demonstrations wherever they are, if any of you can do that it will be great, even if inconsequential on the political level, the Lebanese people will be happy for the support.

Take care of yourselves, do email my sad and bored self when you can.
Hugs to all,

PS: the phone lines are -(bombs just went off somewhere real close, I'm guessing in Dahyieh)- not always functional so don't freak out if you can't reach certain people. Email me names & numbers if you need me to check up on anyone, and I'll email you right back. I hope all your loved ones are safe and well."

Best of luck to you Rayane, we are all praying for u and all the lebanese people.

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posted by Fonzy @ 7/19/2006 09:11:00 AM  
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