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Rice in Beirut
July 24, 2006
Condoleezza Rice made a surprise visit to Lebanon less than an hour ago to initiate diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the 13 days of warfare. Rice is to meet with Saniora soon and then continue on to Israel. Her mission is to resolve this great crisis that has destroyed the Middle East and threatens to engulf other countries in the region. Lets wait and see what happens. I doubt she will be able to do anything for Lebanon since it is Israel's best interest that drove her to Beirut, and Hezbullah will definitely not negotiate with the U.S. Moreover, Bush has opposed an immediate cease-fire, saying the root cause of the conflict — Hezbollah's domination of south Lebanon — must be resolved.

Update 1: after 4 hours of meeting with Seniora, Rice's visit turned out to be useless cos all she did was repeat Israel's demands of dismantling Hezbollah and that a cease-fire was out of the question. Bush's administration did do a smart move though: they sent humanitarian aid worth $30 million; although appreciated, we dont want aids to shut us up, we want this to end. Everyone knows Bush and his people can end this if they want and initiate negotiations, it is the most influential country at this moment.

Update 2: At 10:00 a.m. 25th of July (next day) Rice said "It is time for a new Middle East. It is time to say to those that don't want a different kind of Middle East that we will prevail. They will not."

Standing next to her is Olmert, with a smile on his face, said "Israel is determined to carry on this fight against Hezbollah." He said his government "will not hesitate to take severe measures against those who are aiming thousands of rockets and missiles against innocent civilians for the sole purpose of killing them."

I say: If Hezbullah is aiming rockets at civilians, then what the hell does he call the 400 people killed in Lebanon of which only 10 were militia? Casualities of war? Funny how Israel managed to "justify" all those deaths with reasons I would refer to as bullshit fed to the people; and the most disgusting part is that America continues to back those actions.


posted by Fonzy @ 7/24/2006 02:31:00 PM  
  • At 7/24/2006 04:51:00 PM, Blogger stevenwag said…

    Well, it's better late than never, I suppose, but as an American I most fervently would have wished her to make the visit *a week or ten days ago!!,* not this late in the game, after nearly 400 civilians have been killed!

    But then, my Government continues to disappoint me in ways too numerous to count.

    Keep blogging! It's very useful to hear from the citizens, without any filter by the commercial news media.


  • At 7/25/2006 08:37:00 AM, Blogger Fonzy said…

    Thanks for commenting stevenwag; as you said, it is always useful to hear from the citizens on the other side of the line directly, not through biest media. The U.S. is the only country that can do anything about this right now, and Rice failed in influencing a cease-fire. I dont know what to expect next. To tell you the truth, it looks like all Bush wants is to start as many wars and fights as possible so that his name goes down in history, screw how many civilians are killed or countries destroyed in the process. A country as powerful as America deserves a president who will make America look like the world-wide problem solver, since it can afford to be that, not the problem creator.

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