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Weekend Before Ramadan
September 21, 2006
This is the last weekend before Ramadan. Personally, I feel like staying at home and sleeping. But, it being the last weekend, I feel like I have to make the best out of it cos in Ramadan all the partying will stop and I become an angel :P I mean its a month every year when you put everything aside and follow a quiet life. Its a month with rules you have to respect. Plus its all about fasting, sleeping and being a bum, at least for me it is:) So, for the finale, what I have planned is quite simple and much like all the past weekends. Tonight I'm meeting up with an old friend who wants to take me shopping to buy her a birthday gift..... isnt that funny? :) Later on, it's Steve's third birthday party, but this time paaaartyyyy ;) A lot of people will be there so I'm sure it will be good. Tomorrow, the traditional day at the beach but not sure yet whether Palms or Hilton. As for Saturday...... work!! Well, that's it for me. Have a great weekend everyone!! Cheers!

Note: Apparently some misunderstood me thinking I am offending Islam. I am muslim myself and I was saying that during Ramadan I stop all partying and follow and respect the rules. Maybe others disagree with me that I'm some kind of hypocrite, so be it. This is who I am. I live my life and respect those around me. So if i offended anyone, I apologize and hope you understand that you misunderstood what I wrote.


posted by Fonzy @ 9/21/2006 02:27:00 PM  
  • At 9/21/2006 03:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    it is not about fasting SLEEPING AND BEING BUM!

    I am muslim and I am offended!
    Do not generalize Pope Fonzy!

  • At 9/21/2006 04:25:00 PM, Anonymous Parallel Lives said…

    Dear Offended,

    It is not about sleeping and being a bum, fonzy was quite clear on his approach to this subject by clearly stating "RULES TO RESEPCT", and respect by itself is a reflection to his true belief of this month!

    Being literal and centric towards a fraction of a paragraph does not serve you as a mature individual that should neither judge nor condemn others, unfortunately this is a privilege that you don’t have, & may god forbid if you do!

    On the contrary if you consider yourself a righteous person, then calling fonzy a Pope sure would insult a Christian, and to that I am confident it does not speak out of Islam’s view point, rather, merely a slip up that we will not condemn you nor judge your upon.

    This blog is a gathering of friends and open to a diverse range of people, we welcome all opinions but sure hope it’s maintained with the adequate amount of respect and consideration to other people’s points of view.

    Let’s not turn this peaceful blog into another sectarian battle. Being literal does not serve anyone anymore.

    It is time that we stop interpreting other people’s words in a way that suits us, we need to look at the true meaning and intention behind them & don’t by any chance think this is a defense statement, simply a clarification that your opinion is incorrect however resepected.


  • At 9/21/2006 05:09:00 PM, Blogger Fonzy said…

    Anonymous. no offense intended. I am a muslim too and u misunderstood what i wrote. And please watch ur words. 1. u r moking me 2. u r moking a highly respected christian figure by calling me a Pope. And next time if u want to post a comment like this, leave urself a name so we know who we r talking to. Thanks for passing by.

    Parallel lives. I appreciate every word u said, thank u. Thanks for passing by and am glad u think they way u do of my blog. ur right, it is a friendly blog with no religious nor political issues. Thanks again.

  • At 9/21/2006 07:50:00 PM, Blogger Isabelle said…

    anonymous you completly misunderstood what fonzy said...

  • At 9/22/2006 05:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    screw the highly respected fucking pope

  • At 9/23/2006 09:53:00 AM, Anonymous fonzy said…

    isabelle. thanks:)

    anonymous. not gonna bother anwering u.

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