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Diva's - Karaoke Night
September 20, 2006
So yesterday we went to Diva's for their last Karaoke night before Ramadan begins. It was extremely packed. I didnt know their number so drove by them during the day to reserve a table but it was fully booked, had been for the past few days. This is my second time going for Karaoke night, but first time with a group of 15 people. After some tiring negotiations, I managed to get a table on the terrace. The guys working there were very polite and helpful. Anyway, when we got there, the place was flowing with tons of people that our table got "misplaced" but we managed to pull small tables from left and right and put together a nice decent long table. It was a happening night, people singing, dancing, going crazy, eating, having argeelahs, socializing; it was a blast. The only problem were the people singing..... ok my voice sucks especially nowadays since I have a cold; therefore.... I dont sing cos that would be noise pollution, if I felt like singing, I will sing in the shower or somewhere where nobody can hear me:) But yesterday.... oh maaaan, it was bad. It got to a point when we all got headaches and were asking around for panadol. But one of the people with us, Eiad, got very fed up and asked the waiter to disconnect the speaker outside; that was a major relief. We also had dinner there and the food, I must say is great. Its a 4 K.D. minimum charge per person outside and 5 K.D. inside, and I believe it is worth it, if you want to eat that is.

1. Good Food
2. Welcoming Hospitality
3. Good Service
4. Friendly Staff
5. Reasonable Prices

1. Average Quality Karaoke Machine
2. Very Bad Choice of Singers!!

Would I Go Again?

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posted by Fonzy @ 9/20/2006 09:00:00 AM  
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