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July 27, 2006
Granted, Rice spent three days flying around between Lebanon, Israel, and Rome to implement an "immediate" cease-fire. But I guess the word "immediate" has a different meaning for her and the Bush administration. She says that "we want a cease-fire urgently. But let's create the conditions for a cease-fire, and create them quickly and urgently that will make the end of violence finally last." In other words, give Israel what she wants, leaving Hezbullah open for attacks and defenseless so Israel can run them down like bugs, and we will have a cease-fire. Ofcourse it will lead to a cease-fire cos the Israelis will have killed all Hezbullah militants. Who is she kidding??? All she did was give Israel more time and space to continue striking Lebanon. The funniest part is that she actually said she does not want to tell Israel how it should handle its affairs, ironic; throughout history, the American government continuously interfered in how other government should treat their country and neighbors, and they would always have their way, in one way or another. But now, with the country they are most influential with, they dont wanna "butt in". The truth is that the Bush administration dont give a damn about Lebanon nor the 400 dead civilians; all they want is to wipe out anyone who opposes them, irrespective of who gets stepped over in the process. Lebanon is just another "casuality of war". We have a war in Lebanon, but Rice finds it more important to fly to Korea to investigate the Korean government testing rockets. THAT COULD WAIT!!!! On her way to Korea she said, "I am a student of history, so perhaps I have a little bit more patience with the enormous change in the international system and the complete shifting of tectonic plates, and I don't expect it to happen in a few days or even a year." Patience my ass... if it were her country, lets see how her knowledge of history will come in handy and how patient she would be. I hate her and I condemn the Bush administation for allowing the destruction of my country.
Update: After Rice gace Israel "permission" to strike deeper into Lebanon, Israel wasted no time and waged airstrikes in the north, east, and south of Lebanon hitting a Lebanese army base, a radio relay station, and several roads.


posted by Fonzy @ 7/27/2006 10:51:00 AM  
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